Get Quality Business Guidance Tailored to Your Needs

BoardSWAP is a leader in providing formalized Advisory Board services for the technology industry.

We work collectively with our stakeholders to provide expert advice in solving unique business challenges. Having an Advisory Board is like having your own specialized team of independent experts on hand—and at a fraction of the cost of individual consultants or highly paid executives.

Unlike a formal Governance Board, Advisory Boards have no fiduciary responsibilty. They act as problem solvers; they are not decision-makers. Their role is to act as a thinking system to help you succeed by bringing the benefits of their wide-ranging experience and expertise to your business.

Advisory Boards empower you with the confidence needed to make tough decisions for your company.

Advisory Board Centre Engagement Model

Who We Are

We are Certified Chairs™. BoardSWAP proudly utilizes only Certified ChairsTM, an exclusive credential the Advisory Board Centre issued for Advisory professionals who have completed the Certified Chair™ Executive Program.

What We Do

At BoardSWAP, our mission is to provide CEOs and executive leaders access to exemplary fit-for-purpose business advisors that deliver against an intended charter.