Advisory Boards as a Service (ABaaS) refers to a service model that provides organizations with access to external advisors who can offer guidance and strategic support on a regular basis. ABaaS providers like BoardSWAP enable organizations to establish and manage advisory boards with greater ease, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

ABaaS providers such as BoardSWAP offer a range of services including our Advisor Concierge Service, meeting facilitation,  ongoing communication between the advisory board and the organization, and ongoing support and guidance to ensure that the Advisory Board is effectively fulfilling its role.

Finding the right talent for your Advisory Board is critical to its success. It's important to assess your current leadership team and understand its strengths and weaknesses as it relates to alignment with your board charter and priorities. What skill sets are needed to tackle your business challenges? Is there a gap? If so, identify those skills in the selection of your advisors. If you need help finding your advisors, we recommend BoardSWAP’s Advisor Concierge Service to gain access to hundreds of subject matter experts across a wide variety of technology disciplines and channel competencies.