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Welcome to BoardSWAP!

With over thirty years of technology industry experience, we are dedicated to helping business owners and senior executives solve complex problems, increase productivity, and deliver results.   Economic fluctuations are expected to continue into the foreseeable future, now is the perfect time to assess the value, structure, and discipline of your current advisor network.  Let us help you build confidence in your decision-making, with a tailor-built team of experts.

Having created, facilitated, and governed Advisory Boards for fifteen years on behalf of trade associations, technology vendors, large MSPs, and technology distributors, we are well-positioned to understand the challenges faced within the information and communications ecosystem.  We’ve worked alongside some of the biggest names in technology, listened to your concerns, and understand the challenges associated with growth and expansion.

Our specialty is building, governing, and facilitating formal advisory boards. Leveraging the expertise of a collective group of successful executives can make all the difference in growing your business. No need to make that costly consultant or executive hire; take advantage of industry best practice protocols by utilizing a consistent advisory board framework with the flexibility to swap out advisors as your needs change!

As Founder & CEO of BoardSWAP, my team brings years of experience working with technology executives, from small entrepreneurs to large Fortune 100 Corporations. We are uniquely positioned to galvanize people toward a common goal. The knowledge gained from our portfolio of individual work experience and the hundreds of technology executives we’ve had the pleasure to work alongside over the years positions us with unique perspective and value.

BoardSWAP is proud to utilize Certified Chairs™ to ensure adherence to industry best practice standards.  Our Certified Chairs™ are credentialed by the Advisory Board Centre, a global research and certification body focused on the Advisory Board sector. Certified Chairs™ act as independent board facilitators, reducing client burden and minimizing the risk of any conflict.   This, in turn, allows our clients to participate alongside their Advisory Board to gain maximum benefit.

BoardSWAP is proficient in the following key areas: 

  • Identification of priorities
  • Building a formal board charter
  • Assessing skill gaps between the executive leadership team and the board charter
  • Assisting with the interview process to find fit-for-purpose advisors to fill those gaps
  • Hosting monthly meetings with the business to prepare them for upcoming board meetings
  • Arranging an orientation meeting to kick off the program, review the board charter, set expectations, and clarify roles
  • Developing agendas, meeting slide decks, and post meeting surveys
  • Preparing executive leadership team for updates to the advisory board
  • Facilitating Advisory Board meetings
  • Publishing formal meeting notes and key takeaways

At BoardSWAP, our mission is to help you identify strategic solutions to solve serious business challenges by utilizing experts who know how to get it done.  We grew up in the channel, and our experts not only understand how to expand and grow your business through the channel, but they also understand the technology driving it.  

Let’s have a conversation to determine if BoardSWAP is right for you. Click here to book an exploratory call.


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Annette Taber

Founder & CEO, BoardSWAP

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About BoardSWAP

BoardSWAP is an outsourced Advisory Board as a Services company supporting the technology industry. BoardSWAP provides turnkey solutions for the development, facilitation, and ongoing management of Advisory Boards and Peer Groups. BoardSWAP serves a multitude of audiences, including technology vendors, distributors, associations, media & event firms, MSPs, and emerging technology companies seeking to enter the channel.

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BoardSWAP follows formal protocols, including:

  • A charter to validate clarity of scope
  • Independence, to encompass a diverse board of advisors and representatives who are fit for purpose
  • Structure and discipline around meeting protocols, meeting cadence, meeting minutes, board reports, member engagement, code of conduct, roles, responsibilities, and ethics
  • Annual ROI measurement of economic impact and organizational alignment